Building a skilled, committed and dynamic workforce is a priority for Uniting. We also need systems and processes that enable us to meet the needs of the people we support and to scale our reach and impact.

Client Management System

Recognising the essential need for quality data on our performance as an organisation and on the people we support, we selected a new Client Management System — AlayaCare — and began working on implementation.

AlayaCare will become a single system for managing all data about the people we support and efficiently supporting the work we do. Functionally, AlayaCare includes the ability to coordinate rosters and has a mobile app to manage shifts and collect data.

Kate had nightmares and trouble sleeping. She was anxious, losing weight and finding it hard to trust people. The effects of being sexually abused by someone she knew was putting a strain on Kate and her parents, who were feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do to help their 10-year-old.

Things turned around after Kate began counselling with Uniting Child and Family Therapeutic Services (CAFTS). Building trust through activities helped Kate open up to our case worker about her experience of abuse, and the feelings of guilt around not telling her parents sooner.

They began working on Kate’s emotional intelligence and the spectrum of emotions, linking this to her own emotional awareness. They explored coping strategies for when Kate felt anxious, which eventually helped her to give evidence about her abuse in court with the support of her parents and our team.

Our case worker provided ongoing counselling support for Kate’s mum too, helping her address the guilt in not preventing the abuse and the feelings of being overwhelmed. This also included emotional coaching strategies for Kate’s mum to use with her outside of therapy, helping with her confidence in supporting her daughter and understanding the impacts of abuse.

Kate became less anxious, stopped having nightmares and began putting on weight. She felt safe and confident enough to go throughout her day without reassurance.  

People Services

Our Head of People Services commenced in September 2019 with an emphasis on strategy, learning and development.

The team introduced an online learning management system in February 2020 and began a process to better understand workforce capability – with a plan to ensure we have the right skills and capabilities to deliver our Strategic Plan.

A baseline team engagement survey in June 2020 identified Reward and Recognition, Career Opportunities and Communication as key areas to focus on for the following year.

Capacity and capability – achievements in brief

  • Family Group Homes team member accredited as a TCI Trainer (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training program)
  • Uniting Transitioning from Homelessness team utilising the By Name List (BNL) and VI-SPDAT screening tool for better data relating to people sleeping rough
  • In readiness for the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, 47 Uniting team members completed training in positive behaviour support and restrictive practices
  • Gained re-accreditation for the National Standards for Mental Health for our Independent Living Program.