Our team provides customised tenancy and property management services to people with disability, as well as people who identify as experiencing mental illness. We’re a Tier 2 Housing Provider and supported 466 tenancies across 319 properties throughout the year.

In April 2020, we gained re-accreditation for the National Standards for Mental Health for our Independent Living Program (ILP), where we support people who identify as experiencing long-term, persistent mental illness to live independently in their own home. Planning ahead, we also registered to become a Specialist Disability Accommodation provider with the NDIA.

Dave has intellectual disability and was experiencing significant issues with his depression and anxiety. He was living on his own and not engaging much with other people. Dave also lacked the skills and motivation to keep his home clean.

When our housing team started supporting Dave, we made sure he could do the activities that he enjoyed. We helped him find part-time work and assisted him with looking after his home and venturing out of the house more.

It soon became clear that Dave was lonely. So we found him a potential housemate, Tony, and they hit it off instantly. The next step was to help find them a home that they could share together as housemates. After viewing several rental properties, they found their dream home and we helped them move. They love the area and spending time together and keep their new home really well.