Our Individualised Services team provides support to people with physical disability and people with mental health challenges. 

With the continued adjustment to the NDIS, Uniting Individualised Services has remained focussed on overcoming the challenges of remaining sustainable while still providing person-centred supports.

The onset of COVID added another complexity — particularly for supported accommodation and group-based activities — and forced a rapid re-think of how we can safely support participants and our team through the crisis.

As a result, we’ve seen an end to group-based activities, including our Community Options and Aboriginal Family Respite Services. We’ve also seen increased uptake of 1:1 support services and a better understanding of the NDIS among our participants, assisting them to make more informed decisions on their plan.

Our team provides supported accommodation for adults who want to maintain independence in a shared living environment. We also cater to people who live in their own home and want support to live independently.

Everybody’s journey is unique, so we also support people 1:1 to do the things they want outside of the home. This can be a new skill, following a passion or connecting with community — it’s all up to the people we support.

As a strengths-based, recovery-focussed support service, Uniting Recovery Options helps people who identify with experiencing mental distress and/or trauma.

Prior to ending in May 2020 due to cessation of funding, our Aboriginal Family Respite team supported Aboriginal people who cared for someone experiencing mental distress and/or trauma.

We would like to thank all the First Peoples who attended, and the Aboriginal Evangelical Church for their support of Uniting over the past 11 years.