Building a skilled, committed and dynamic workforce is a priority. We’re also commissioning systems and processes that enable us to meet the needs of the people we support, and scale our reach and impact.

Client Management System

The AlayaCare client management system was successfully implemented to streamline NDIS service delivery within the Individualised Services team.

The system is now supporting the records of all completed NDIS Participant support shifts, and the billing of all Participants for all NDIS services. This positions the teams delivering NDIS services for growth, with a system that is simple, effective to use, and easily scalable.

Learning and development

Our 2020 employee survey identified learning and development as a key area for growth.  

Over the past year, we’ve focused on training and career development opportunities for our team. Our new, dedicated learning space – the Djidi Djidi Training Space – demonstrates the value of the investment we’ve made towards the growth of our team members. 

Improving communication

This year, we’ve invested into improving internal communications platforms to address accessibility and functionality issues, with a project to develop a new intranet which is available to all employees, on any device.