Services are designed to be responsive to community need, and make a measurable difference to the lives of individuals and communities.

Program logic

This year, program logics were developed to more effectively measure the quality and impact of the services we provide.

Program logics are a visual representation of all the elements included in service delivery – from inputs and activities, to services user groups and expected outcomes. The development of the program logic framework provided the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the issues we’re working to address in the community, and to ensure that service delivery makes a measurable difference to the lives of the people we support.

Outcomes heirachy

The development of program logics enabled us to identify an outcomes hierarchy to guide the delivery of our purpose: inspiring people, enlivening communities and confronting injustice. While service outcomes are unique to every program and service they align to the same 8 intermediate outcomes, which in turn achieve our 4 organisational outcomes:

  • People have greater housing stability
  • Children and Families are safer and connected
  • People are better equipped and more connected to their community
  • People have their fundamental needs met.

Quality and impact achievements in brief

All programs and services are aligned to State Government Outcomes Measurement Framework

  • Development of evaluation plans to facilitate continuous improvement of all programs and services
  • Improved integration between service areas to provide wrap-around support for service users
  • Processes have been developed to regularly capture the voice and feedback of the people we support
  • Increased capacity to illustrate service user feedback data and trends.