Our Uniting teams from Family Group Homes, Child and Family Therapeutic Service and Futures Foster Care supported hundreds of children, young people and parents throughout the year.

Child and Family Therapeutic Service (CAFTS)

Our CAFTS team provides therapeutic support to children, young people and families who have been impacted by child sexual abuse.

During the year, we supported over 200 children and young people. Our team has also delivered therapeutic sessions for families and caregivers to help them process their own emotions and experiences, and empower them to better support their child.

“The group provided a safety network, both emotional and educational. The group helped me so much with learning about how trauma affects my daughter.”

Family Group Homes

Uniting Family Group Homes (FGH) is an out-of-home care service that provides therapeutic care and support for children and young people who have experienced significant trauma and can no longer live with their families.

Our team works to support children and young people to develop the skills they need to respond to adversity, and transition out of FGH back to their family, or into adulthood.

Foster Care

Uniting provides a specialised foster care service in Perth that connects foster carers with children and young people who unfortunately, for many reasons, are unable to live with their families and who have high support needs due to experiences of illness, disability and trauma.

Foster carers provide children and young people with a stable, secure and nurturing family environment where their fundamental daily needs can be met. This is critical for the wellbeing of children with high support needs and a history of significant trauma. The children in our care are supported to make choices about the activities they like to participate in. All children are supported to attend school, as well as the medical and therapeutic appointments they need.

We supported 12 children and young people in long term foster care placements, as well as 20 foster carers during the year.

A marketing campaign in November and December 2020 resulted in the recruitment of 3 new Uniting foster carers, enabling the team to support more vulnerable children and young people and delivering a positive return on investment. Following the success of the 2020 campaign, a larger campaign to recruit more carers was developed to run from April to July 2021.

A 3 year-old child who has experienced significant trauma was placed with foster carers who were recruited during the 2020 foster carer campaign. The young boy had travelled from the north of WA and needed to be close to the Perth Children’s Hospital for his medical needs.

The new foster carers welcomed the child into their family unit which included children aged 4, 6 and 13. The family are supporting the child through a series of significant dental procedures, Perth Children’s Hospital appointments and also introducing him to community activities. The child is now responding to the therapeutic placement and learning to play, laugh and engage with the carers and their children.

A young person in Uniting Foster Care has experienced significant trauma, lives with disability and is a non-verbal communicator.

He was recently supplied with a communication device which enabled him to communicate with his brothers, who are supported in a Uniting Family Group Home, for the first time.

Using the new device, Liam was able to tell his brothers for the first time:

“I miss you,” “I am okay” and “I love you”

This was an extremely moving experience for both the children and their carers.