Our team provides customised tenancy support and property management services to people with disability, as well as people who identify as experiencing mental health challenges. We’re a tier 2 housing provider and supported 455 tenancies across 318 properties throughout the year.

Tenant satisfaction survey

The Uniting tenant satisfaction survey has been used for over 10 years to measure service quality and social impact of our Housing services.

The August 2020 survey shows that Community Housing maintains high rates of satisfaction with our services. Tenants also said that they are able to manage rent and money better because they’re a Uniting tenant. They also feel safer because they live in a Uniting home.

Feedback provided in the survey confirms that stable accommodation enables tenants to feel secure and safe, and that having a home provides a fundamental platform to assist other aspects of their life.

Tenant advisory forum

We recognise that our tenants have the expertise and perspective to make decisions about their own lives. The annual Tenant Advisory Forum was established following feedback from the 2020 tenant satisfaction survey.

The first advisory forum focused on repairs and maintenance, with tenants sharing their personal experiences and feedback. The forum was deemed to be a great success, with ideas put forward that were used by the Housing team to improve services. Tenants also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to be involved and connected with other service users.

It’s well known that loneliness and isolation can have a negative impact on physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

A group of 8 tenants were supported by the Housing team to visit the Perth Zoo, including transport. This provided tenants with the opportunity to connect, share stories and experiences with other tenants. This helps tenants build confidence to engage with their community, other services, and Uniting.