Our Financial Wellbeing Services support people with practical advice, counselling and workshops. 

This year, almost 5,500 individuals and families were supported to better manage their money, reduce their debt and get themselves back on track.

We’re also a lead agency of the Financial Counselling Network – a partnership of not-for-profit organisations and local government across Perth that’s committed to reducing the causes and impacts of financial hardship in our community.

Due to additional government benefits and rental moratoriums, demand for these services temporarily reduced, although the end of the Coronavirus Supplement and lifting of rent moratoriums, has increased demand for Emergency Relief.

Our team has used the additional capacity to access community resources and develop partnerships with other services in order to improve the service provided to the community.

Financial counselling clients say thanks 

“This time last year we were in a state of grief, loss and sadness. We had no money for Christmas, no food and thought we were going to lose our house.

You were so kind and gave us hope, gave us vouchers for food and helped with our bills. Not only did we have Christmas for the first time in 3 years, we even got to have a dinner at Crown! (Massive deal) We haven’t lost our house and are now on top of our mortgage payments- such a good feeling!!!

A year can make a huge difference and so can 1 person who sees things in a different light. Thank you for filling us with hope when things felt so dark. You make a difference with the work you do.”

“I hugely appreciate having had the opportunity to attend the budgeting coaching sessions and am extremely grateful for the financial skills I’ve developed.

It has made me feel confident and mature in my ability to identify my wants and needs, and has allowed me to maintain regular budgeting habits.

It was really helpful to thoroughly identify my financial goals, and map out my regular income and expenses to really work out how I can best manage myself.

The reassurance and encouragement in good habits forming has been invaluable.

I look forward to taking the skills I’ve learnt and keep applying and improving them well into the future.”