Resilience and preparedness remain the focus of Uniting WA since the COVID-19 pandemic first impacted Western Australia in March 2020.

Uniting’s agile response to an ever-changing and more complex environment, and collaboration with sector partners to advocate for change, has been a cause for great pride for us as Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer. We continue to collaborate with other like-minded organisations to build on shared values and extend our collective abilities to work together.

We have remained committed to addressing our strategic goals – working with people, communities, government and the community to realise our purpose – all the while maintaining a focus on the big picture of a future in which all people can thrive. Our approach with sector partners and government has resulted in Uniting being perceived as action-focused problem solvers.

The courage and character of the Uniting team is clear – although we continuously face the potential for future COVID-related crisis. The tenuous nature of an uncertain future and the disproportionate effect on the most vulnerable members of our community inspires our teams to bring our values to life in the work we do, every day.

With a strong foundational legacy and ongoing connection to our services, we continue to build and foster the relationships with the Uniting Church and schools, as well as our fellow agencies, to forge an even stronger future for the people we serve. 

In a challenging financial environment, Uniting remains committed to financial sustainability to ensure we remain able to deliver our purpose of inspiring people, enlivening communities and confronting injustice over the long term.

In order to grow and adapt in ways that are aligned to community needs, we continue to invest in our technology and systems, as well as learning and development for our people.

To address risk and respond to the increased demand for services, Uniting has focused on managing and embedding a culture of safety, quality, impact measurement. This has enabled a big improvement in our ability to share the outcomes of our work with our stakeholders.

It’s important to take into account the complexity of the Uniting service mix when measuring the difference we’re making at a system level – understanding the collective impact of our services will help us better demonstrate our ability to address the causes of vulnerability and disadvantage, stand for a just society and support individuals and communities to be valued and connected.

Priorities for the next year include the continuing integration of Uniting’s service pathways and the creation of opportunities for system integration, so that we can better support individuals and families to address the causes of vulnerability, disadvantage and hardship.

We offer our deep thanks to Uniting’s funders, partners and the people who support us. The passing of our precious Cultural Architect, Josey Hansen, had a huge impact on us all, and we continue to feel her lasting legacy as we build on the cohesive, strong culture of collaboration among the Uniting leadership team.

We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of all our team, including our Board who have helped bring our strategic plan to life. Our people are the backbone of our success and the reason we’re able to act with impact. 

Erica Haddon, Chairperson

Amanda Hunt, Chief Executive Officer