Uniting Church in Western Australia

We’d like to acknowledge the congregations, schools and other partners in the Uniting Church who have supported our important work through the year, and since our inception in 2006.

Connection with the Uniting Church community continues to grow. We honour the continuing relationship with the Uniting Church in the City, born in the work of Perth Wesley Mission and continuing with the substantial financial support that the Uniting Church in the City provides to Uniting WA. We welcome new opportunities to build on our 15-year strong relationship with Fremantle Wesley Mission community, and to collaborate with the national UnitingCare agencies network.

Our Practice Lead – Community Engagement works closely with the Uniting Church schools and colleges to inspire students who are thinkers and leaders to foster their passion for community, and partners on various appeals and events, including the Wesley College Katitjin program and the Social Justice Youth Forum.

Many congregations and individuals provide regular material assistance support, financial donations and many hours of volunteer time. Knitted blankets, food and the genuine care offered by our Uniting Church community is deeply generous and greatly appreciated.

Donations are integral to our mission and represent a deep connection with our community and Uniting Church family. Donations enable us to provide the supports and services which lie beyond the scope of government funding, as well as enhancing established programs.


Uniting is grateful to the donors, congregation and businesses that support our programs with financial, material and pro bono service gifts. Each and everyone is so appreciated.

We would also like to take the time to remember the generosity of those who chose to make a planned gift in their will, and their families.


We couldn’t act with impact without the support of our amazing volunteers. 

“When I’m volunteering in Tranby, I can see the clients have a need for food and shelter – but what they seem to crave the most is for someone to talk to and listen to them, especially those experiencing loneliness and isolation.”